Sunday 30 January 2011

The Paper Bag #1

Mon cher Papa, je suis bien sage,
Marie-Thérèse , St Barbé 1949
Dear Daddy, I'm a very good girl
Marie - Thérèse, St Barbé 1949

The Teaparty, a postcard I bought last year
My Image of The Day
& the start of a new mini-feature - The Paper Bag
I have a huge collection of vintage paper finds to share.

Back later with My Five Faves


  1. Ohh exciting, can't wait to see your vintage paper finds! Got me at vintage and paper ;o)
    Have voted, good luck!!! x

  2. This is a paper bag? How wonderful! Where did you find it?? and how has the paper lasted so long without decomposing? Amazing :) Kx

  3. Hi Deb! we have voted for you today! we love your blog, is everyday full of great ideas!

  4. Looking forward to this new feature Deb.

  5. hej! thanks a lot for your comment and that you like to include it in your five faves!! that would be so nice.

    your blog is an inspiration every day!

  6. owwwh sounds fab Deb, can't wait to follow is a beauty!


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