Saturday 1 January 2011


So, today came and went
January 1st 2011
My resolutions?
To try and live in the present
Be content with all that I have
To appreciate the simple things in life*
Like these clouds...
How about you?

* finish renovating our house, tackle our garden, spend some time in England, have a week in Paris, get fit, learn Swedish, find some time to do some artwork...


  1. clouds are the best, especially when they are fluffy and dreamy!
    happy new beginning of the year to you too!

  2. I love clouds *sigh* :) I like your resolutions. I think I have a lot of unachievable whimsies (a girl's got to have goals!) but my must-do for this year is to go back to yoga, every week! Kx

  3. Très bonne année!
    merci pour tous ces trésors que tu nous trouves!
    Aller une de mes résolutions pour 2011 sera de me mettre à l'anglais!! ;))

  4. beautiful sky and pictures... happy new year ♥

  5. yes... dreamy clouds

    hmm.... work hard, expect nothing, and celebrate!! Yes, to keep it simple!


  6. Happy New Year Deborah! I love your resolutions. I haven't settled on mine yet but I still have a few hours left today. Guess i better decide soon :)

  7. the clouds too ♥
    and a happy 2011 to you deborah

    from moa ♥

  8. Beautiful photos, great list for 2011. The simple things- yes! All the best.

  9. Happy New Year!
    Think if I make one big one "make time" I might get all the things I want to do done! haha! now how many times have I said that before ;o)

  10. Coucou Déborah,
    Je te souhaite une très belle année pour toi et les tiens, pleine de douceur, de féérie et de réussite ! Bises

  11. Sounds like some great resolutions, living in the present certainly is not as easy as it sounds!! Good luck with the Swedish ;-) and have a great 2011!

  12. i do love clouds! and trees.

    good resolutions! for me it's something like get my MA, love life, (oh yeah, maybe even have a love life), be done with poverty by making lots of beautiful stuff that other people would love to have. :P not an easy feat.

    i wish you and your family a very, very wonderful new year!


  13. Happy new year to you Deborah
    Carolyn x

  14. Happy New Year!
    Lovely pictures!

  15. love clouds, these clouds...
    happy happy new year


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