Thursday 6 January 2011

Just Hanging Around

I have a thing for puppets. My oldest toy, now in Savannah's possession, is a wooden marionette my parents bought me in the 70s. It was a Christmas present to go with the huge puppet theatre that my dad had made me and which I saw him pushing into my bedroom on Christmas eve; the moment I realised Santa wasn't real...

Talma Vardi's ceramic marionettes caught my eye yesterday. I liked the mini puppet installation she'd created by stringing them up together to take product photos for her etsy shop AnnaLela.

That shouldn't really come as a surprise though, I'm always drawn to groups of faces...


  1. These are cool! How is the chocolate situation?! Stephie x

  2. I am a lover of puppets too. My daughter used to host a puppet show in honor of her birthday every year... her birthday is Christmas eve. More recently my husband made a puppet theater for our grandchildren & I made all the little characters. Each one (about 12 in all) came alive & became a real person for me. I love your story of your home made puppet theater.
    Best wishes for a very happy new year, Deborah!

  3. they are so gorgeous - I can see myself easily starting up a collection. he he.


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