Wednesday 26 January 2011


She looks a little sad here Jasmine, doesn't she?
Maybe she spent most of yesterday ill in bed like Miles and I -
Ahh, winter bugs, who needs 'em eh?

Un Grand Merci to all those that nominated me yesterday, it was all very last-minute...

I found Justine and her beautiful friend thanks to another very gifted soft toy maker Rose Miniscule. You really need to go have a look at her recent work  La Musette
Just what the Doctor ordered!


  1. Debbie your finds are exquisite and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Elle est EXTRA ! merci encore pour cette charmante découverte... et que la famille se rétablisse vite ! Samantha

  3. Oh she does look so sad - adorable but sad! Hope you're feeling chirpier today yourself Deb. So nice to pop by and catch up with your lovely inspirational finds.

  4. Adorable:o)
    You always share so wonderful things.
    Thank you:o)!!!
    Hope that you and Miles feel better soon.
    The winter bug have been visiting us in Norway too:o(

  5. Oh my... Hope you are all feeling much better today! Yes, Jasmine looks slightly sad but soo cute too. Love her little outfit.
    Get well over there... : )


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