Tuesday 28 September 2010

Old School

Atelier Charivari

 Yes, I love vintage desks, peeling paint and old, shabby windows
Not when those desks haven't been touched since the 40's, are covered in ink and smell musty
And not when that paint and those windows are in my daughter's cramped classroom...
That is also the reality of life in our village in the South of France
I am angry and I am on the war path!

(These photos are "nice" photos of windows / paint in the village by the way, they're not from Savannah's school!)


  1. Ah oui je comprends votre contrariété ! c'est rare quand même dans les écoles... Bonne soirée,Samantha

  2. Deb, but, they look fab. shabby chic . . .

  3. Eek! I hope either they clean up the desks or get new ones. You would think that they would clean them up *before* school starts? You go mom!!


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