Tuesday 21 September 2010

Fairies, Flight Aid & Wing Cramp

Quite a cushy life being a fairy nowadays

You can sport the Biggles look with pride

Don a float suit for water landings

Vac-and-skate in style

Keep fit and trim for optimum flight

and fall back on the trusty fairy launch facility when you're feeling a little low.

Fairies and machine-like contraptions - be warned, Yorkshire-based artist Samantha Bryan reckons her overactive imagination results from severe exposure to bedtime stories as a child!

Inspired by Victorian gadgetry and invention, Samantha's wonderful sculptures depicting everyday life in fairyland are made from wire, leather, found objects & collected materials. Her extraordinary objective is to realise the necessities and requirements that would be involved in 'fairy life': to provide everything a fairy would demand during its daily existence.

Samantha has thought of everything, from ground commute footwear to wing augmentation and flight support aid. It really is a joy to see!

If you're lucky enough to live or be "up North", Samantha's work is currently on display at the YSP, if you need an excuse to visit.


  1. I love Samantha Bryan's work, she shares a studio with Helaina Sharpley ( who does amazing wire artworks) at the WYPW where I go screen printing. There's a little notice on the door saying 'Urgently wanted, fairy hats and then little acorn shells and conker cases stuck on the note!! such wonderful imagination! Will definitely check out the display at YSP!

  2. rhoo, excellent!!! j'adore leur tête!!

  3. What a great find... totally made my day!

  4. This is so adorable, you have me in perpetual love of cuteness since your little mouse yesterday!

  5. Oh, these are fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What characters, adore the one with the strapped on boat.

  7. These are so cute!!!
    Thanks :-)

  8. Love her work! She used to exhibit at our Gallery in Denmark but I had never met her! I've just met her at The Brighton Art Fair and she's just as lovely as her work!

  9. votre blog est incomparable. J'aime ces créations et je ne peux m'empêcher d'en faire un autre billet. Merci


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