Monday 6 September 2010

Daper Don

Daper Don Ellie

I seem to have a bit of a thing for elephants at the moment so I just have to choose Daper Don as my image of the day.

As it's Monday, and we always celebrate the start of the week with plenty of colour, you might also care to take a look at Mati Rose McDonough's recent vintage game-inspired work for SPIN, her joint exhibition with Jennifer Judd-McGee at Rare Device Gallery (Sept 2nd - 28th).

Fox and Hen Chase

Alphabet Memories

I doubt you'll be disappointed!

via sfgirlbybay


  1. I wanted to see their show in SF but couldn't make it over there. I love the inspired art from the old board games. So wonderful!

  2. Loving the elephant and those beautiful artworks. Thanks as always Deb xo

  3. I love it!!

    Happy greetings from Belgium!!


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