Tuesday 7 September 2010

Shop Watch: Le Petit Siméon

Ingrid lives in the Luberon in the South of France and has a passion for vintage children's furniture. She's been hunting for interesting pieces to renovate in her workshop for years.
Ingrid has finally decided to take the plunge and join the blogging world in order to open a new kids' vintage decor store. Le Petit Siméon has only just gone live so be patient. I think Ingrid has got plenty of beautiful things in store - à suivre !

via Jojosroom


  1. The freaky doll heads are sensational!!

  2. I love this room! Beautiful color, fantastic furnitur! Exactly my taste! Eva

  3. Thanks you ! Je suis vraiment ravie de ton petit message, c'est très gentil. Je viens de voir que tu étais dans le sud de la France comme moi, dans quel ville est-tu ? A bientôt, INGRID


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