Thursday 2 September 2010

Pretty Shy

It's not the best photo I've seen but I really like this original drawing by Turkish graphic design student Gizem Vural, a.k.a. Gecesintisi. It's my picture of the day.

Do have a look at the rest of Gizem's work.


  1. ooo her work is very interesting I like her hair illustrations, I nearly wrote hair pieces but that sounds like wigs...
    loved your pictures from Ilkley glad you had a great time at home... I love YSP I always go there when I'm home!
    ta for your lovely blog, some grand stuff!
    :) Amy x

  2. where do you find all these great husband will be happy to see such young talent from his homecountry.

  3. I surf Vanessa, and you know how it is, one good link leads to another...

    Amy, Ilkley and West Yorkshire are beautiful, I dream of going back there to live (house prices in Ilkley are horrific though now!!!)

  4. The top image reminds me of an illustrator called Rosy Nicholas

    its the cheeks!


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