Saturday 4 September 2010

Talk to Me

Talk to Me, 2010
© 2010 Ellen Bell

The nature of language, and, in particular, its limitations as a method of expressing deep and difficult feelings, informs much of my work.

How do you communicate with your lover?

Talk To Me (Feb-March 2010), a fascinating, thought-provoking body of work by British artist Ellen Bell, comprises a series of book and text-based drawings and installations exploring the use of emotional language within close relationships.

I also invite you to discover Ellen Bell's first solo exhibition Hard Words (2008) via this film and accompanying essay by Jane Audas.

Ellen's second solo London show Oubliette will be held in April 2011 -


  1. Ellen's work is brilliant - a great exploration of language and love... Ta

  2. Just beautiful! Love this so much.


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