Tuesday 7 September 2010

Pirouette Interview


She's smart, stylish and successful. Florence Ronaldo, co-founder of the Bubble Trade Shows, Milk Magazine contributor, children's brand consultant and author of the excellent Pirouette blog, has invited Savannah & I to answer a few questions about ourselves. If you haven't been following her Mum & Child interviews, now's the time to start. Florence has her finger on the pulse of the international children's industry and pens one of the most reliable, up-to-date sources of design, trends and inspiration. An indispensable daily read!
Merci Florence !


  1. she's lovely, aren't daughters brilliant! (sons too of course!)

  2. Very nice ! Très chouette cette petite présentation de Savannah et toi.

  3. How wonderful, such a nice little interview. I'm not sure my daughter would have been so eloquent :-)

  4. extra, cette interview! ta fille est ravissante!

  5. Wow that's fab!
    Your life in France sounds fantastic, very jealous here in Yorkshire! xx

  6. you must be soooo proud of your beautiful daughter!

  7. a really delightful interview Deb, by both of you! What fun you two must have together :)

  8. Nice to meet Savannah. She's so beautiful and brilliant.
    It's an interesting interview of both of you!
    Thanks for sharing the interview and the wonderful site!

  9. Je viens de lire l'interview et suis très touchée que tu aies parlé de mon travail et de ma boutique, je te remercie beaucoup! Si tu passes vers chez moi passe me faire un petit coucou! :o))

  10. Hey Deb,
    Lovely to hear from you on the blog...
    So cute to see you and your lovely daughter for 'real'...
    Hope all is well....
    Beck x (papier-mache)


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