Wednesday 15 September 2010

Well, Well, Well...

Just dropping in quickly before breakfast to say a huge

I woke up to 501 followers this morning - that's wonderful!
Blogging has changed my life, for the better, and it's so rewarding knowing that my finds and thoughts bring a smile to your faces every day.
I'm sure there's room for improvement so if there's anything you'd like to see more of on Kickcan & Conkers please let me know. More artwork? More kids stuff? More vintage? More books? More photography? More about my life in France? Or the same ole' happy mix?

Have a great day, and Merci!


  1. I love this blog! I don't comment very often anymore (but i should)! However i enjoy reading your blog over coffee in the morning. I think its fab as it is...a good old mix up! Thanks for your great blog!

  2. wow Deb that's brilliant but I'm not surprised, you always provide such original & intelligent finds & then there's just the good old fashioned fun & cute.
    Have a great day!
    Always a pleasure to stop by :)

  3. Deborah, your blog is very positive, it colours my days. Thanks :)

  4. Yay! Congrats! I'm always amazed at what goodies and cuties you find! More about life in France would be good, too... I'm curious.

  5. Well done you! I very much enjoy your blog as it find so many wonderful and inspiring things. In fact...that bear above is no longer for sale....he's mine! Actually, I got him for my little boy's room..... Have a happy day.

  6. Ole' happy mix, thank you! You do it quite well;)

  7. Congratulations Deb, though I'm not at all surprised. Your blog is WONDERFUL. that's why they keep coming.
    I think you do the most wonderful job,i couldn't imagine any improvement. I have to say I've been seeing more bears over here, and I'm liking that- like that sweet parachute bear. Keep em coming. xo

  8. Yep, congratulations from me too! You have an excellent eye and an intuitive ability to seek out unique and inspiring work/objects. I've already added some of the folk from your posts to my rediculously growing link list (I don't know how to stop!!! There's just tooooo many wonderful artists and sites out there - as I'm sure you know!) Just keep on going the way you are and it will continue to be a wonderful experience for you & for all of us!

  9. Wow 501... & now I see it has already jumped to 502! Congratulations! But like all the others, it is no surprise to me. Your blog is an amazing array of wonderful things to look at & inspire. What you are doing is perfect, although I admit to being curious about your life in France.

  10. Yay Deb! I think that's great, but you totally deserve it! I haven't been commenting much, but I'm totally enjoying every post, and the mix of them all together. Thanks!

  11. Congratulations! I'd just like to hear a bit more, sometimes, of your life in France and maybe what you personally choose to have around you, style-wise.

    I just saw this artist whom I think you might like:,0.html
    and an old acquaintance is running this children's boutique online which looks up your alley, too :-)
    I don't have kids, but if I did I might well shop there.

    Keep on keeping on.

  12. Thank you all for your lovely, constructive comments. That's what I wanted! I'm not too sure that I'm ready to show a lot of my private life, not yet anyway. However, I take note of your request to see more posts about France.
    Better get my camera ready...

    Shelf Appeal - I'm a big fan of Quirky Collective (saw your tweets too!)

  13. Well done. What you find and bring to us all is such a daily treat.

  14. I love your blog Deborah and check it almost every day - I'm often inspired by the beautiful objects that you source. Though I have found it can be an expensive habit as you often lead me to such tempting online shops and finds! Thank you!

  15. Congratulations!!!
    & thank you for sharing your precious finds!

    pilli pilli

  16. I love popping by, as I think you share with us a great mixture of findings. And in this mixture you have found some funny red line, which make everything compliment each other. Very fresh!


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