Wednesday 1 September 2010

Kindergarden Ceramics

French children go back to school tomorrow.
Summer holidays are so much longer here, seems like my three have been at home for months. We're all excited about "la rentrée", and although it's now September, the weather's perfect for trips to the beach at the weekend - la belle vie quoi ! It's the best time of the year, I think.

Talking of school, just look at this beautiful work by Swedish ceramicist Marie-Louise Sundqvist.

Marie has been commissioned to design a series of illustrated ceramic installations for a kindergarden. She has created two large pieces to be displayed in communal areas, a big blue daydream piece, featuring sleeping children on an open book and a pink, more playful piece with juggling animals floating on clouds. Other smaller ceramic wall decorations have been placed around the kindergarden at child height to allow the little ones to touch and feel them.
What a wonderful, happy way to introduce children to art!

Marie-Louise Sundqvist


  1. Tomrrow, Our children have to go to school again, too (Belgium). Today we had the opening of the schoolyear, the weather was perfect for a drink and a cookie on the playground.

    The ceramics are great!!

    Happy schoolreturn (out houses will be very silent ;-) )

  2. Ah they're beautiful, what lucky children to be surrounded by such lovely art! Happy back to school day tomorrow and lovely sunny days on the beach:)

  3. I'm so impressed that you make so many posts every day! (( I know it takes time!) Have I said that before?) And thanks a lot for spreding the word about the kiosk!!! Now it is also open for other countries than Denmark ;)

    See you R

  4. La rentrée la rentrée! Ma fille a commencé aujourd'hui et était pas vraiement contente non plus. haha! I only wish my kid was as excited as your three seem to be. Ah well, first day only.. We shall see. These ceramics are beautiful! That is going to be one lucky kindergarden. Your blog is amazing btw! Love it.

  5. seriously so cute! I heart this!!! :) Im sending you an email shortly! xo

  6. thanks for the link ... her tea cup are great too !!


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