Thursday 16 September 2010

Louise Frances Evans

I invite you to dip into the fascinating world of Louise Frances Evans.
Inspired by objects, images, diaries, documents and memories, Louise conveys social stories through her jewellery, textile and installation pieces. Her narrative work explores expectations surrounding women, influenced by the theory of family photography, women's work and domesticity.
Louise is just one of the many excellent artists / crafters /makers who will be exhibiting at Origin 2010. Try not to miss it if you're lucky enough to be in London from the 23-29th of September.


  1. Joli coup de coeur ! merci encore pour cette découverte ! Samantha

  2. Am going to check out the link you posted thanks. This wonderful work is similar in concept to assemblage art pieces that I create...

  3. Les histoires de poupées j' ai toujours adoré!

  4. beautiful work, we are looking forward to seeing her stand at origin.


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