Wednesday 29 September 2010

Tate Trio

 When I Was Born - Isabel Minhos Martins/Madelena Matoso, In English at last!
Big-Top Benn - David McKee

White Noise - David Carter
I love shopping online at the Tate!
Three special books to add to your wish-lists for Christmas...


  1. You are no good for me! I didn't know you could shop online at the Tate! Now I know! Oh no!

  2. ah je l'ai ce livre "white noise" il est magnifique je l'adore!

  3. The Tate Modern shop in London is my absolute favorite place to shop when I am in London--and also one of my favorite internet shops. So many fantastic toys and books and projects for kids done by artists in collaboration with Tate (Alice Melvin! Herve Tullet!)...there are still some things I did not buy last time I was there that I continue to bemoan in my head...


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