Thursday 16 September 2010

Jaime Monfort

©Jaime M

Maybe the main feature of my work (or at least what I've aimed for) is to do children's portraits in a different way. I try to avoid clichés. My aim is to treat them as human beings, as opposed to objects, by trying to capture their everyday emotions and activities.

Oui, j'aime Jaime Monfort.
Some really beautiful moments captured in this Spanish photographer's Flickr stream.
My images of the day.

via the ever-inspiring Kireei.


  1. I love Jamie's photographs with just legs, skipping, running ect. Paintings with this compositional element I love too, and I have used it in the past.
    Wonderful portraits.

  2. Very beautiful and inspiring blogs. Thanks Deb!

  3. I just found you and I'm so very glad! Love, Amanda xxx

  4. Wonderful photos, Deborah! I went to his flickr, what an amazing photograph!

  5. These are beautiful! I'm particularly drawn to the last one for the colors & textures. Thanks for sharing...


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