Sunday 26 September 2010

Five Faves #27

 Big Broken Antique Dolls Head 

Time for My Five Faves!
This week's theme is "Feeling Cheeky"
Happy Sunday!

1) Favourite Pale-Cheeked Gentleman - Mr Mustache, Studio Violet 

2) Favourite Red Cheeks - Zip Pouch by Ninon

3) Favourite Rosy-Cheeked Doll - Moose and Bird


4) Favourite Rosy-Cheeked Couple - New Notebooks by DePeapa

5) Favourite Rainbow-Cheeked Creatures - Herzensart


  1. I love DePeapa notebook it's so nice and the Mr. Mustache book is already on my wish list.

  2. very cute finds. thanks for sharing

  3. And thank you! I just read your post on Francoise Seignobosc ... you wouldn't believe it but this morning I was thinking I wish I could remember who wrote a little book I had when I was a child ... Francoise Seignobosc! I looked for the books and found it ... Jeanne-Marie counts her sheep! Thank you!


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