Sunday 19 September 2010

Five Faves #26

Lola XL - Blue Limited, Esthex*

A nice animal theme to this week's Five Faves
better late than never...

1) Favourite craft project - Joel's box pull-along pets for the latest issue of LMNOP

2) Favourite animal jewellery - The Literary Gift Company**

3) Favourite animal accessories for children - all lovely stuff / SCP

4) Favourite handmade animals - Lovely World

5) Favourite vintage animal book - Odd and Old

and as I was late this week,

6) Favourite animal art - Sheep by Catherine Ledner***

See you all tomorrow!

* via Bloesem Kids
** via Home Shopping Spy
*** via?


  1. I love that deranged blue bunny!

  2. I like Joel's box pull-along pets.

  3. The Lovely World animals are really gorgeous. Love the detail on the saddles.

  4. I never gave my proper thank you for posting my animals. Here it is: THANK YOU! I love the whole collection you have up here. xo Maribeth


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