Tuesday 29 December 2009

7th Magpie

I came across Jane's work over at the art room plant recently and I'm smitten (again!). I really do seem to have a thing for artdolls, and I've found some beautiful ones for my Kickcan & Conkers shop when it opens. The 7thMagpie is just one of Jane's etsy shops. Her collage, paintings and drawings can be found at "Downtherabbithole" and her consultations and visionary art at ThisUnfolding.
Understandably, it was Jane's artdolls and textile pieces that caught my eye.

Poetry dolls made from scraps of fabric.

I love her delicate use of embroidery in these soft wall sculptures and brooches/pendants, which look wonderful framed.

And these warrior angels,

door guardians

and crown hairclips
would all make lovely gifts for someone special, don't you think?

Keep your eye on Jane's etsy shop for similar new pieces and take a peek at her flickr sets to discover the full scope of her work. Magical!


  1. I absolutely ADORE Jane's work too! I love her distinctive style and beautiful dolls. So glad to see her work being recognised xx


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