Monday 21 December 2009

Hanna Rivka

Illustrated book of verses by Agniya Barto 1982

Stories for peasant children by Tolstoy (1966) in Russian

Vintage book lovers interested in Russian/Soviet literature will love this new little etsy shop run by Hanna Rivka. Hanna sells a selection of classic works in Russian and English and will look for specific titles for you. I'm adding this to my ever-growing list of favourites right now!


  1. nice one, what about vintage french books

  2. Love these to Debbie.
    Are you ready for the holidays...the preparation I always find is the best, the children are on holiday and building snowmen everywhere it is lovely.
    Here is wishing you a lovely time with your family, and looking forward to reading your inspiring and beautiful pages next year.
    Bon Noel xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  3. The Tolstoy for children looks precious. I would love to make angels for you. A quote for you: 'On ne cherche pas la perfection - mais l'excellence." Waiting quietly in the wings...

  4. Kay, Kickcan & Conkers will be selling vintage French books (and new) when it opens...

  5. I fell in love, and then before I knew it I went through check out. well, it was concious of course, but in a state of bliss nevertheless. :) Thank you for sharing it Deb.

  6. Hi Deborah, thanks for pointing me in this direction, love the stuff on Etsy!


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