Wednesday 23 December 2009


Take a pack of cards, tap it, unwrap it and play

Beautiful set of rooster design playing cards from Centuryfinds

or frame a few of them

6 vintage 50s "Futuristic" Old Maid cards from divinedebrisvintage

Two complete decks of blackstone playing cards with cute wooden dolls, boys and girls from ricracandbuttons

or decorate your home with them

Hanging Christmas cards and garland made by Artemis

Keep your teens busy with them

Craft activity spotted on Ohdeedoh

Tell a tale with them

"Affairs of the Heart", an illustrated, narrative poem by Fiona Blair incorporating heart idioms and the language of playing cards to tell the tale of a lonesome queen

and use them to help those in need

Thereza Rowe's contribution to Shelter's House of Cards exhibition,
a limited edition of cards designed by 53 artists available here


  1. great post! i choose for the rockets :)

  2. nice finds. I especially love Thereza´s and Binths cards/prints


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