Tuesday 1 December 2009


I've found some lovely paper work and drawings in UK artist Adrienne Wroathe's online gallery. Looks promising!


I love French artist Clémence Pollet's website and en plein air sketches.


I love this trailer for Izu Troin's the Wordcutter/ Le Bûcheron des Mots

Produced by Folimage (of the excellent Mia et le Migou and le Prophétie des grenouilles (raining cats and dogs) fame), this short film is set in a country where people literally feed on letters from word trees and either read or die of boredom. It tells the story of Nadal, a wordcutter and his life-changing encounter.

This beautiful film has just been released in DVD format and is available here
(English, German, Polish and Chinese subtitles)

Plus d'infos en français ici.


  1. Love Adrienne Wroathe's work :) K

  2. Wow! That sounds like my kind of film! Thanks Deb!!

  3. Clemence Pollet's illustrations are one of a kind. Beautiful.

  4. what a cute film, I have to order it

    thanks for the link

  5. Loving all of these! Thanks for the introduction!

  6. This is all so wonderful! Thank you for the link to this post. I do so love your blog.


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