Thursday 17 December 2009

New kids on the block

Well, I'm assuming you all took my advice and subscribed to this wonderful Australian magazine and saw its deco supplement. Needless to say, papier mache is going from strength to strength and is here to stay!

I wondered if you'd heard the buzz about Doolittle, a new addition to the French children's magazine market?

I have yet to buy a copy but I've seen a few pictures on blogs and on the magazine's site and I'm going to treat myself to a subscription for Christmas.... Doolittle will be coming out quarterly, can be ordered online and costs 5 EUR.

If you follow Elizabeth's blog, you may remember her mentioning a Polish magazine called Gaga a while back. You've probably noticed that I love Polish design so I'm naturally a big fan of this mag, absolutely chock-full of interesting articles, craft ideas, kids fashion and general articles on life in Poland with children.

You can browse the September issue here with the help of Google Translate, get an idea of the style of the magazine and enquire by email if a subscription takes your fancy.

My latest find is this little gem, discovered thanks to my friend Justyna.

Nie tylko dzieciaki (Not Just Kids) is a new online magazine by cultural anthropologist Agnieszka Kwiatkowsko, whose great blog I frequently refer to, and painter Meta Martha. As far as I can make out, Not just Kids is a free quarterly online zine, with plenty to shout about! One to watch me thinks!


  1. What an awesome blog...thank you for sharing...great idea for kids.

  2. How nice to be found in such fantastic society :) I am really glad that you have noticed us. Cordial greetings !

  3. Thank you Deb - great inspiration


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