Saturday 5 December 2009

Stuff for stockings

A selection of small gifts for stocking-fillers

Handmade and embroidered felt brooch by Yalipaz

Little Fellow Bookplates by The Bad Apple

Shakespearean Insult Magnets from Shakepeare's Globe

Cut Out Jumping Jack from Benjamin Pollocks (I could buy the entire shop...)

Set of 8 Urpo and Turpo postcards from Fine Little Shop

Build a Mini-Cooper set from the Museum of London

Diorama Theatre card from Benjamin Pollocks

Upside down tops from Benjamin Pollocks

Mikro Man - Off the Road by the brilliant Sam Buxton
Small fold-out metal sculpture, start collecting now!

Although perhaps too expensive for a stocking-filler, couldn't resist showing you this set of 8 Red Ridinghood mini ephemera blocks by the wonderful Sushipot.


  1. I love them all too. ~but I really LOVE the felt brooch. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh, oh, you've outdone yourself with this collection!! There are several here I covet - the jumping jack is fabulous. I also am a bit of a closet car buff, so the mini cooper kit is awfully tempting! But that mini-museum is the one that really stops me in my tracks!

  3. how lovely . The brooch is stunning

  4. Just got lost for about 20 minutes on Yalipaz's site. Those are crazy adorable. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I have to get a print from the bad apple , love her work

  6. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Shakespearean Insults - but for MY stocking ;-) The rest is just gorgeous as usual.

  7. Oh, you seriously have such great taste! You could be my personal shopper! Great finds!


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