Thursday 17 December 2009

Feeling crafty?

I've spotted a couple of really nice craft activities recently, and although it's probably too late for Christmas, you can always keep them in mind for rainy days, long winter nights and school holidays.
Claire (De Beaux Souvenirs), one of my favourite French artists / wirework makers, has just started selling some wirework kits enabling you to make your own wire photophore.

I also discovered yesterday via papier mache that Ann Wood has posted a downloadable tutorial of her papier mache boats!

And if you haven't already seen them, you can also have a go at making her wonderful cardboard horses.


  1. The wirework kits are just unusual...I love them and feel a little purchase coming on... ;-) Thanks for the intro x

  2. Oh I love those boats! I will have to have a go at making one.

  3. love the horses, I wanted one for a long time
    guess I have asked Mister Kay

  4. Thank you Deb !!! I'm very proud to be with Ann Wood on the same post !!!
    I think I should translate my kit instructions soon !

  5. All these horses are spectacular !!!

  6. I know three little girls who are going to love you... for the horses. But I love you for the boats and the wire ideas. I have some old wires from the back of an antique piano that I have been making things out of. Let's see if they'll work on her ideas!

  7. superbes bateaux légers et doux...


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