Monday 14 December 2009

Snow day's end

The faraway forest of sleep

Do you remember me showing you these beautiful books by British illustrator Ed Boxall? Well, Ed is currently exhibiting some of his new bedtime prints for children and a selection of lino prints based on summer camping in a joint exhibition with book artist Lorna Crabbe in Hastings (daily throughout Dec. at Eat@, Hastings town centre).

Reading by tent light

Lorna Crabbe's work is interesting. In her own words she " addresses collecting, hoarding, family history, the homemade, women's craft history, found objects, repetitive, obsessive action in drawing and needlework, and clothing and objects as memory".

Paper cut book, based on her father's butterfly collection which has now disintegrated.

Lorna has background in fine arts and book arts and worked for four years as the administrator of Photography & the Archive Research Centre in London.

Cheque book originally belonging to her grandfather, containing traced drawings (this from a perfume bottle box) slipped between the pages.

Hand-drawn and bound concertina book, two metres long. Designed to be housed in a suitcase.

Nancy the Little Nurse
Hand-printed lino book, single page adhesive binding.

In this latest exhibition, Snow day's end, she has been inspired by found photographs, accidental collections and ornithology.


  1. Very lovely, Love the Peter Pan wood cut and the butterfly book,Great.

  2. love the first picture (the faraway forest of sleep)!!! it has some mythological quality to it, i guess...


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