Monday 7 December 2009

Christmas inspiration

Another selection of inspiring Christmas decorations, both handmade and bought

Kate Elliot's DIY salt dough ornaments found via the Red Thread

Thrifted sweater trees found via Blueberry Park

DIY diorama ornaments tutorial by GiddyGiddy

Customisable Merry Christmas garlands by Cinqmaicréations

Ladle candle holders and

bun case tree decorations by Hanna, Hannas Sjarmerende Jul

Beautiful paper ornaments by Essimar, found via the Red Thread

Snowflake curtain by Bugs and Fishes, found via Ohdeedoh

My favourites - Painted recycled paper baubles on a gum tree by Inaluxe


  1. I love the snowflake curtain!! Hard to resist even though it's summer here! And Ange's tree is inspired. xx

  2. Très chouette! ça donne envie de s'y mettre!!

  3. I too love the snowflake curtain! And thank you for including my tree. Must look more closely at those salt dough ornaments. They look right up my alley! Merry Christmas Deb!

  4. Wow again, all these are so lovely ! I appreciate particularly the thrifted sweater trees and the different paper or cardboard ornaments...

  5. l'arbre signedbyange est sublime... dépouillé, original, c'est magnifique! quant à l'idée de la louche-bougeoir, pourquoi n'y ai-je pas pensé avant!!!

  6. Such great ideas! Especially love the ladles!

  7. Very inspiring!! Now I wish I had all sorts of extra time to make handmade christmas decorations! sigh.

  8. The snowflake curtain is exquisite! :~) Beautiful collection, Deb... all of these.

  9. YAY! I am getting very inspired. thanks for sharing these goodies! and thank you for mentioning my DIY also!


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