Friday 4 December 2009

Thaumatropes are back!

I don't know if you've noticed but thaumatropes are enjoying a comeback. I've come across some really nice versions of this Victorian spinning toy recently and thought it would be a nice opportunity to introduce you to some lovely artists' work and websites.

I Wish I was a Man by Chloe Ehninger *

Together Forever by The Small Object

Let's Play Dress up by Chloe Ehninger *

Thaumatropes make lovely party bag and stocking-fillers. You could also have a go at making one of your own following these instructions from the V&A Museum of Childhood.

*Chloe's etsy shop coming soon.


  1. je ne connaissais pas le nom ... en tout cas ta sélection est superbe et ils me font tous envie

  2. well I never knew what they were called ... but I remember making them at school !

  3. I've never heard of them before but you have just given me my 'christmas party' activity idea for the kids! Thank you ô thank you dear friend!! ;-)

  4. The illustrations are so fun. Gosh what talent.
    They are so creative and clever.

  5. J'adore ça ! Très belle sélection… Bravo et bon week-end.

  6. tiens c'est drôle j'ai découvert ce nom qui m'amuse il n'y a pas si longtemps lors d'un présent. ceux que tu présentes sont très beaux.


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