Saturday 26 December 2009

Naif Magazine

You've most probably heard of Naif, a relatively new Spanish magazine covering a wide range of child and family-related topics that appeared in early 2009. I've never actually bought a copy but I often visit Naif's blog and flick through back issues online for inspiration. If you're interested in following the latest trends in the Spanish children's market Naif has started to offer a downloadable version of its magazine for 1,90 EUR. I've just bought mine, found some great addresses and am off to check them out. Hasta Luego!

Don't forget these new kids on the block
And this Argentinian magazine too!


  1. Sounds like a great magazine to get inspired by. I will check it out right now, thanks for the info! Have nice christmas day no 2...

  2. I always buy it,it really gives me nice inspiring news!

  3. Merci pour ces précieuses infos.
    Au fait, ta petite boutique en ligne, c'est pour bientôt?

  4. je te souhaite une très belle fin d'année, et le meilleur pour 2010!
    lots of kisses

  5. Oh mais non, je ne connais pas ce magazine. Je vais vite voir leur blog. Merci merci :)

  6. looks like a cool mag, will have a look

  7. Merci pour tes gentils messages. J'espere que tu as passe un bon reveillon avec ta petite famille


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