Friday 16 September 2011

Give Me Three #48

 Alphanet, 2009, wire, leaves and pasta

 Untitled, 2003, wood, wire and pods

Manzample, 2008,  paper, wire and leaves

 I am in a quiet mood today,
So glad it's Friday.
Aren't these sculptures by Mari Andrews beautiful?


  1. Oh yes, they are! So fragile looking! Lovely pieces!

  2. Is very nice, I like it!
    Good weekend!

  3. They are...I must go back there many times I look and look again...thank you for the link...

  4. These are lovely - if you like these, you'll like John Browning's leaf kites.

    Scroll down towards the bottom of the page. I have seen John's kites live in the flesh - they are even more stunning in real life!


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