Friday 2 September 2011


Farewell Sweet Summer!
You come and go so quickly
But thanks again for all the wonderful moments that we shared.


  1. GASP! Don't have a heading like that!!

    Worried for a sec.

  2. What beautiful summer moments! Looks like you had a lovely one!

  3. ce lac me rappelle quelque chose, c'est où ?
    et je te souhaite un bel automne !

  4. Farewell to summer? No no.. it has not gone already?! You also scared me with that post title.. whew. I will cling onto summer a bit longer.. : )
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Sorry everyone, didn't want to give you a fright! (although I am tempted to just disappear for a long rest sometimes!)
    Chantale, back to school on Monday, summer isn't over, in fact my three kids are in the pool as I write, just marking the 1st of september really :)

  6. Bonne rentrée Deb' !!!
    Et les lacs procurent un tel repos , un vrai remède à la fatigue!


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