Thursday 29 September 2011

Babette in Fall

I don't know about you but Fanja's new Babette dolls & prints are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist.
Savannah loves them and it makes me happy just looking at Fanja's work on screen.

My images of the day, sans aucune doute!  

Fingers on the button - Le Train Fântome's new work goes on sale today Thursday 29th September at 4pm BST.


  1. Merci Deborah pour le joli clin d'oeil. hope the sun is shining your way, we're boiling here but not complaining!

  2. I think they might be on my list too! They're so cute. Have you seen the Waddletots? They were featured on Retro to go and i've done a little feature too! Or google the name if you haven't seen them before...super cool dolls!

  3. Oh, I love these dolls! And her cushions are wonderful too.
    How great are these fabrics? Those splotchy polkadots are fantastic.

    Ah, the wish list just grows... and grows... and grows! x


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