Friday 9 September 2011

Julie Adore Handmade Doll Giveaway

Peek-a-boo Lou! How are you?
What did you say? You want to play?
Well, maybe we can find you a new friend today....

Lou's a country girl, she comes from the mountains, loves fruit and flowers and is a sweet, good-natured soul. She isn't plain though, she likes to dress up with her blue popcorn necklace and has a twinkle in her eye. Yes, there's a little sparkle, perhaps a dream of travelling to distant lands?

Paris-based Julie Adore is one of my favourite artists/crafters/makers (probably because she's Russian).  She sews, knits, crochets and draws, all with the same enthusiasm and talent. I have featured her quirky drawings before and today I am delighted to offer you the chance to win 'Lou', one of the original, endearing dolls that she hand-makes to order. 

So, if you would like a chance to win Lou (open to international readers):
1) Leave me a comment below (make sure to leave me an email address)  
2) Spread the news via twitter, facebook or any other means and I'll pop two names in the hat (make sure you let me know).

This giveaway runs until Wednesday 14th September at 6 pm, CET
I will announce the winner the same evening.

Si vous voulez une chance de gagner Lou, une magnifique petite poupée créée sur-mesure par Julie Adore, laissez-moi une commentaire. Vous avez deux chances si vous relayez l'info par twitter, facebook, ou tout autre réseau.  N'oubliez pas de me laisser un email.   
Le jeu s'arrête Le Mercredi 14 Septembre à 18 heures CET.

J'annoncerai le gagnant/la gagnante le soir même.

Merci, et bonne chance !


  1. ♥ Julie dolls, fingers crossed to win this doll for my daughter. thanks for this giveaway!!

  2. We have here a little boy who will love to recieve a new doll to play and make theatres while his sister dance around the house.

  3. This is a cool giveaway. If I win I will keep the doll to myself and maybe hang it from the rearview mirror in my car. It will make me happy every time I look at it:)

    Will share on Facebook in a minute.

  4. "elle était si jolie que je n'osais l'aimer ..." Lagradiva

  5. Lagardiva - 2nd chance sur Twitter!

  6. I'm in! I just love Julie's dolls and would be delighted to win this little Lou!

    My email is: victoria(at)

    And I spread the word through Twitter here:!/melocotoncito/status/112084638465400833

    Thank you so much! I'm crossing fingers!


  7. merci pour ce jeu ! je participe ! bonne chance à tous !
    mon partage :!/jero69006/posts/136260043136557

  8. Oh qu'elle est belle !
    2nd chance sur twitter !

  9. Oh she's lovely! I'm in please!
    My email is; squab85 at

  10. 1st chance + 2nd ch. + 3rd. + ..... Hello twittos, pls. post all @JulieAdore, U will not regret it ! :)))

  11. I have posted a good 1 @twitter @MeyerMip @JulieAdore

  12. Waaa j'adore!!! Merci pour ce joli concours!
    Je tente ma deuxieme chance aussi :!/Girasolipunto

    mail: manola.gio(at)

  13. Hiiii je participe, She's a great artist ;)

  14. No conocía a Julie... y adoré su trabajo y blog.... el muñeco es precioso y me encanta la idea del concurso, la expectativa del premio... Gracias!!!


  15. Paloma a besoin d un Doudou pour la crèche et elle n a encore craqué pour aucune de ses peluches!!! Alors si elle est comme moi et si on gagne cette poupette, elle adorera celle là et ne la quittera plus.
    Bonne journée.

  16. Julie Adore is one of my favorite artist! She's always soo inspirational!! Fingers crossed to win this beauty!

    My email :

    & i spread the word through twitter :!/liliestfolle/status/112152540971413505


  17. je participe =) et je croise les doigts ^^
    bonne chance à tous!

  18. et voici mon partage :

  19. Jolie, vraiment très mimi! Je tente ma chance! et ma seconde chance est via hellocoton su ma page!
    Merci <3

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  21. Je participe :)
    J'aime beaucoup ce que fais Julie, c'est frais et si adorable.
    Second bon point à ce concours, cela m'a permis de decouvrir un super blog :)!/krokette/status/112276945898717185 , j'ai twitté :)

    Bisous,Emma ( krokinouille(at)

  22. Such an adorable creation, good luck to you all lovely folks.. and Lou, may you find yourself a happy home:-)

  23. Je tente ma chance, cette poupée est tellement adorable ! :)

  24. Je tente ma chance.
    Partagé sur facebook (2ème chance)

    Mon adresse email = zinckcat@hotmail.cpù

  25. Don't know where you find such gems. Lou would be a great present for a special someone I know.

  26. I really love it... très personnelle originale, superbe !
    je tente ma chance avec jalousie, puisque je suis nulle en création et que j'admire ces créations
    merci pour ce concours

  27. Lou is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Am due a new baby in March and would love Lou to cheer up baby's room.

  28. Ohh, yes!! My little sister is pregnant... it would be a wonderful present for the baby girl that'll come! The info is on my facebook too !!
    Thanks a lot girls! (my mail is on ma blog, in contact !)

  29. je participe :) j'aimerais trop l'avoir ! elle est tellement mimi cette poupée <3

  30. Oh, I meant to enter this!!! If I didn't, I am now! It's a lovely doll!

  31. Teresa Murfin - 2nd chance - Facebook

  32. Forty chances in all = removed one of pre' reg art who was down three times instead of twice.


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