Wednesday 21 September 2011

Give Me Three #51

No, this isn't new
But does it always have to be?

 "For over 15 years I have been collecting objects from beaches of the North Kent Coast of the UK. Wave worn, sun bleached and scarred with unknown histories, these finds are collected and collated by type or colour".

I  hope you will find Steve Mcpherson's Marine Plastic collections as excellent and as thought-provoking as I do...

Inspiration for your own beach-combing / art project perhaps?

Steve Mcpherson will be exhibiting his cartography and collections at Brighton Art Fair (22nd - 25th September)


  1. What a wonderful collection! I will pay more attention the next time on the beach!

  2. Yippeeeeeee I am going to Brighton and I can see his collections FAB!!!!!!

  3. LOVE! love the randomn and odd things people collect. thanks for pointing him out !


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