Friday 23 September 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Part One

 Now you see them...

Now you don't...

Oh, look, that's clever!

So clever, I'm not sure anyone actually noticed...

Yes, I changed my banner and avatars a few months ago! To cut a long story short, this April, one of my lovely blog readers informed me that a Korean company were selling products based on the same Czech matchbox label characters as Kickcan & Conkers. Having done some research and consulted specialists in London before adopting these labels I was very surprised and disappointed to see them being used commercially elsewhere.

Luckily for me, Delphine Doreau (Del4yo) is a kind-hearted, enthusiastic illustrator with oodles of talent and years of experience to boot.  She also likes a challenge and offered to redesign my banner. I didn't want to change my K&C look but had also found an old black and white photo of a young girl and boy, which seemed perfect for my shop ( sssh! - Ch-ch-ch-changes - part 3!). Delphine decided to start from scratch, merging the two ideas, recreating the stamp paper, quadri way of printing and even making a new Photoshop brush to reproduce the way the paper absorbs the ink - magic! 

This post is long over due and is the first of three official Ch-ch-ch-changes on K&C in the coming weeks. I think of Delphine everytime I look at my blog and will be for ever grateful for her generosity and talent - Un grand merci Delphine!

N.B. These pictures were made exclusively for Kickcan and Conkers and Delphine owns the copyright!


  1. I love it Deb! I can't wait for parts two and three are - don't keep us in suspense for too long!

    Happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  2. I thought it was an illustration you found in an old book. I love it! Marta


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