Wednesday 21 September 2011

Le Rouge et Le Noir

 Good Morning!
Today is "activity" day in our house. 
As you know French kids don't go to school on Wednesday, so we all enjoy a mid-week break (read long lie-in before running around like crazy going to dance and art classes...).

 I'd like to start the day by sharing a few beautiful paintings and screenprints by Swedish artist Britt-Marie Oskarsson

I came across her work recently and I'm trying to encourage her to open a small shop in addition to selling her work in a couple of Swedish galleries.
I love her silkscreen prints and sketches in particular.

Britt has beautiful blog well worth your attention.
I think many of you will be inspired by this, this and this

 A very happy find for me
So you can expect to see more of her work on my

all images copyright Britt Marie Oskarsson


  1. Wonderful, I love them, they are refreshingly simple yet so appealing...

  2. Ohhh, thanks a lot....they really feel at home on your blog!

  3. Gorgeous as usual! On an other note, I think the French have got it right, no school on wednesday, many many long weekends and on holiday most of the month of august! How is your son liking Le CP, make any new friends?;)

  4. Oh Britt-Maries' art is beautiful!


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