Tuesday 6 September 2011

Un Café Pour Moi

The sunshine felt so good walking back from school this morning.
The garden is changing, slowly - figs, pomegranates and olives abound
Washing on the line and through the secret gate to our neighbours'.
A coffee and a chat with Andrée,
What a wonderful way to the start the day!

I will be back with the giveaway winner soon!


  1. Jealous of the sunshine. Everything always looks so pretty where you are. Yes to a house swap!!

  2. Ah fantastic! looks and sounds wonderful! bit of a different story in Yorkshire, cat and dogging it down! but feels lovely and fresh and autumnal! I love all the pots on the wall, they look great! have a great rest of your day!x

  3. looks wonderful, my first coffee with friends since the boys started school today was a dash in the rain to the little Italien cafe!


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