Wednesday 7 September 2011

Follower Spotlight: Go Go Accordion Girls!

How lucky I am to have so many creative and inspiring people following me!
I thought it was high time I started sharing some of your links.

Tokyo-based freelance illustrator Kinkong has been reading Kickcan & Conkers for a while. I know she enjoys my photos of life in France and used to love playing the accordion at Bal-Musettes.
I hope you'll enjoy browsing her blog and discovering the rest of her artwork!

Quel talent! Les lecteurs de Kickcan & Conkers sont doués, tellement doués en fait que j'avais envie de commencer une nouvelle rubrique pour partager vos créations.

Aujourd'hui, on va à Tokyo pour rencontrer Kinkong, une illustratrice free-lance qui aime la France, l'accordéon et les bals-musettes.

C'est gai, c'est coloré et ça donne envie de danser 

Régalez-vous !


  1. Very cool illustrations!

    I left an answer to your campsite query on my blog - never sure which way round to do these things!


  2. Great post Deb I love Kinkong's overlayed green horse illustration.

  3. Thank you for this introduction to Kinkong, I find her work very creative.


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