Wednesday 7 September 2011

Love Lace


Gowns and bonnets : cotton and silk embroidery and smocking on Japanese gampi tissue

 Sculpture: thin steel and copper wire crochet


Assemblage: natural found materials (twigs, seedpods, bones) and found plastic 


 Boots by Waltraud Janzen 


Crochet using brass wire


 Abandoned truck, hand cut with a plasma cutter using a personally adapted tool with a fine cutting head

Acrylic, Bamboo, Cardboard, Digital, Enamel, Fabric, Gemstones, Hair, Kid Leather, Linen, Metals, Nylon, Optical Fibres, Paper, Raffia, Silk, Tapa, Viscose, Wire &Wood


130 lace works by 134 artists from 34 countries 


A spectacular exhibition of the winning entries and finalists in the Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award.

30 July 2011-April 2012

Lace is Ace- Make Lace Not War!

Photos: Patrick Yound & Sotha Bourn © Powerhouse Museum, Sydney


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