Tuesday 27 September 2011

Give Me Three #53

Eco-toys with a capital E!

A brand new line of cardboard pull-along toys 
"meticulously engineered to involve, stimulate and entertain" .

Three interchangeable tops (Duck, Horse and Butterfly), made from the finest quality industrial cardboard, clip securely into a robust, triple-wall cardboard chassis connected to board wheels and axle. Even the pull-card is pure woven Kraft paper. 
PDF templates are also available, should children wish to paint the animals' features.
What do you think?


  1. I think the industrial cardboard's inherent strengths need to be demonstrated because if it's the cardboard I'm thinking of, it really is super sturdy. But it's hard to tell from the pics.
    LOVE the idea - think I'll link back to you in my Friday round-ups!

  2. They look great. A bit like the designs on the Play and grow-blog in your blogroll!


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