Saturday 24 September 2011

Count On Me

 I wish I was in London right now.
I'd love to see this chair from SEKS designed by Eva Korae.
 You'll have to count your pennies if you want to buy this one-off Count On Me Chair made from metal sheets and wooden beads (it carries a 7,000 EUR price tag) but window shopping is free and all of Eva Korae's designs are brilliant. 

Thanks for sharing your pictures from Tent London Martushka


  1. That chair would be perfect for my back after gardening all day...

  2. What an amazing chair! How do you always manage to find such brilliant things?! x

  3. que divertido es tu blog. Siempre encuentras cosas bonitas con las que disfrutar.Felicidades

  4. What a fabulous design! I love this chair! And thanks for all the inspirational links and pictures you are posting, Deborah! Have a lovley Sunday!

  5. I think this is going on my furniture blog, love those whisk lights too X


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