Thursday 3 March 2011

As Pretty as a Picture

Back from an afternoon in Montpellier with the kids.
Spring is definitely in the air.
I love it!
More wonders from the Wonderland
My images of the day!


  1. The little ballet outfits are great! When I went to ballet we were all dressed in black!

    Glad you are enjoying spring weather - but then I'd hope it was nice in the south of France!

  2. Love this! (and yes, spring is in the air!)

  3. lovely lovely ballet outfits. how much girlier can you get?! it's good to be a girl!

    loved the school desks post too. nice to be far enough beyond them to enjoy them for their DESIGN qualities!

  4. I always imagined that I would have a little girl to take to ballet class and that is exactly what she would look like dressed and ready to go - nevermind! Such pretty images, thanks for sharing, Stephie x


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