Monday 28 March 2011

Birds, Butterflies, Bunnies and Bees

Nuno Mag's got everything in


Watercolour your butterflies
Make a mask, bunny one and two

Fill your house with flowers

And pretty paper birdies blue.
Damaged books, tissue paper, old cereal boxes, thrifted silk clothing
Salvage and Restore 

 The latest issue of Nuno Magazine is full of simple Springtime craft activities to keep you busy as a bee.  Elisabeth Abernathy-Graham and Rachel Abernathy-Braff will also be donating $1 for every copy sold between now and June 1st to The Tunisian Beekeepers Project in order to help set up families living in the poverty-stricken mountains as beekeepers.

Birds, Butterflies, Bunnies and Bees

Buzz off
Api crafting!

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