Thursday 24 March 2011

Being Alone

Detail from ‘Night Sounds’

  I'm feeling quiet and reflective tonight

‘Quiet Sea’ Detail

 In a positive way though

The Tree by the Edge of the Campsite, detail
Taking stock, looking forward, making plans

The Botanical, Gardens, Ventnor
It's good to be alone sometimes, don't you think?
They are on show at a joint exhibition called Once Upon a Time, shared with Kevin Maddison
At the Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds (runs till 25th June).

I love Ed's work
Perfect for tonight



  1. These prints are so beautiful,peaceful..Yes being alone is just perfect sometimes!Great post :-)

  2. Oh the quiet sea is so necessary and much loved in this little (BIG kids)ship! I love the sound of the world under water, here in Perth it is so hot that beach time peace will see me floating there tomorrow for a moment. ya.

  3. Ah serenity. Ed Boxall's work is brand new to me. I like it very much. Last weekend, I was completely alone at home. How much I love my family goes without saying, but the time to myself (working and not) was sublime. If you're into wood-carved block printing, John Buck is a favorite of mine. I hope to someday own a print of his The Coal Mine.

  4. Oh, my. Oh MY! I'm in dreamland.

  5. "Quiet Sea".
    i can close my eyes to imagine
    being there and I feel calm, feel
    that solitude. ahhhh.
    wonder if Ed has illustrated any children's
    books...? i'm going to check!

  6. j'apprécie beaucoup. belle découverte. Merci


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