Wednesday 16 March 2011

Shop Watch: Le Train Fantôme

Shop Watch, yes, definitely,  
Le Train Fantôme  is one of my favourites
But I also mean that literally
Fanja will be adding her new mini, limited-edition Spring collection to her shop this afternoon at around 3.30 pm GMT

 So, keep your eyes peeled for Little Ozzie, handprinted on vintage French linen

  May, a beautiful cushion screenprinted in pink and beige

And Babette, available in six different outfits, digitally printed on linen

I'm telling you
Watch out
They'll fly off the shelves in no time!


  1. So inspiring :) Love these fabulous creations. I'm afraid it's 10pm here now and I'll be fast asleep by then ;) Kx

  2. I will do!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments, Deb!
    Highly appreciated....xx

  3. I love love Le train fantôme!


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