Wednesday 9 March 2011

Gone Fishing

When Dominique and I got married almost twenty years ago we lived in a 1950's wooden chalet by the sea. It had been used as a holiday home and badly neglected over the years. The place was a mess when we first moved in but we stripped the old paintwork, sanded the floors, decorated it with love and spent our happiest three years there as a couple (we left when Dylan was born)  Fig trees, cork oak trees, oleander, it was paradise (called "Le Vert Clos") and without fail every morning in the Summer I would go for a swim before the tourists arrived.

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach lately, often returning to the small seaside resort where we used to live. Property prices are sky high now, there are restaurants and a sailing school, all so very cosmopolitan.

I would love to live by the sea again. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, especially since I saw Krys Kirkpatrick's beach house for sale.

 I doubt that we'll be moving to the States any time soon but I'm a dreamer, and in my dreams I'd be right here, admiring those wonderful views and enjoying the slow life, like we did in the good old days...

See more photos here.

all images: © Krys Kirkpatick


  1. sounds like heaven
    must have been hard
    to let it go
    and i'm with you
    my dream is for a house near water
    be it river sea lake or canal
    (what an amazing lounge and view)


  2. oh, that must have been good... living by the sea. i dream about moving away from here every winter to some warmer place and return every spring.
    a nice place, too.


  3. Your place by the beach together sounds wonderful! Well, you know my vote on Krys' beach house. :) I think it would be perfect....

  4. We share the same dream there Deb… maybe one day :) I'm off to finish my sail boats as we speak :)

  5. Oh Deborah, What a lovely .... sweet ....romantic story! Ah, to be young & in love & by the sea.

  6. You are such a sweetie pie! Thank-you for sharing my beach house on your blog. It was always my dream to have a little house on the beach. But...I have a new dream. That is to have a little house on wheels and paint and draw and create little whimsies while visiting wonderful and new places.

  7. Hola, Thanks for your comment, when are you opening the shop?? and what would you sell??
    I know that I will be spending more and more time by the beach in the future, love London, but need the sun and the sea, so lets dream and work hard for the day to come!!


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