Wednesday 2 March 2011

Ohio Blue

Feeling Folky?
It's been a while since I visited one of my favourite vintage etsy shops AMradio.
I've no idea how old these ohio blue tip match boxes are but I love the colours and the primitive folk designs and I'm sure they'd look great on display or used as a small gift box. Someone has to add them to their collection!

You might like to take a peek at this Playskool Owl while you're over there, I swear it's one of the nicest kids' clocks I've ever seen.


  1. those matchboxes would make beautifuk tiny cameras (like the one we have made yesterday!) :)


  2. those matchboxes are just exquisite. I totally agree with you about the clock xo

  3. These are gorgeous and that clock is too - how could I not like it - it is an owl after all! Stephie x


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