Wednesday 23 March 2011

Inspiration: Nigel Peake

"Red then yellow.
Green then white.
Then the blue,
This is how I remember it"

"Despite the wind
Despite the rain
It sill holds together"

"We got them at the harbor from the men on the boats.
That night on an open fire on a hill surrounded by tall thin trees we cooked them
and ate them in the near dark".

"The house that was silent.
Everything else around it was noise".

"The cabin reached by a bridge, was a wooden shell.
Like a boat, it had a name, Ranvika, made of slender
panels, the beds - narrow and thin. It sat above the coves".

"An illustrated essay about a week in a cabin in Norway last August".
32 Pages - 17cm by 21cm
Soft Cover/ Full Colour /Perfect Bound
Self Published. 1st Edition - 1000 copies.

5 sheets of wrapping paper depicting his long-time travelling companion printed with vegetable inks


All images are ©Nigel Peake.

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  1. j'adore ce billet et je suis très curieuse d'en savoir plus sur Nigel Peake


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