Tuesday 29 March 2011

P Pour...

P pour Printemps, Spring and Summer too

P Pour Princesse, Petit Pois, Petit Bonhomme with ribbon blue

P Pour Poupée as pretty as can be

 P Pour Paradis, oh so heavenly...

Acte 11 will be unveiled tomorrow.
P is for Perfection

photos by Claude Basler


  1. Wish I could wear some gorgeous floral bloomers like these and get away with it!
    Just wanted to say too Deb, that your lovely posts lately have me clicking on those links so quickly that I forget to tell you how much I'm enjoying them.
    Amanda xx

  2. They are just gorgeous. Kx

  3. Oh merci Déborah!
    Je suis si bien "secondée" par ces photographes merveilleuses!
    à demain alors ? :o))
    Ta fille est un peu grande maintenant, mais aime-t-elle toujours mon style?

  4. I dreamed on having a little girl so I could buy beautiful clothes like this, gave up after 3 boys ;o)


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