Wednesday 23 March 2011

Portraits & Masks

Fé's  (aka Miss Longstocking) self-portraits

Don't forget Mr Spoqui's recycled mask contest over here
Ends March 31st.

Dylan (14) got carried away in our workshop and made a dog mask:

Take an old cardboard box, an empty milk bottle, a pair of Savannah's tights,  plastic bottle caps, a dirty rag and a worn leather gardening glove... hey presto! You have a dog, of sorts!

I always say!


  1. Hello Hello Hello! :D
    we're so happy and grateful for your submission! we post about it here

    happy wednesday for you all!
    all the best,
    Amba, Mi, BB and Ogait

  2. the dog is too funny and too darling for words! Thanks for the link, too... and the reminder about the recycled mask contest!

  3. Loving those portraits.
    But that dog mask, well it's beyond fabulous xo


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